After moving to Colorado, I’ve been immersed in a salad of electronic music. From ambient, glitchy tunes to hard drops and drum and bass, I can say my love for electronic music has grown even more than I thought could be possible. Denver-based producer, James Egbert is a great example of what Colorado is putting out, making an anthem out of  Allnight’s already beautiful tune Mile High. He perfectly pieces together layers of Laura Brehm’s magical vocals, hard drops, and glitchy voices. This song really brings me back to my first year of dubstep, bringing in old sounds that will make you super nostalgic of your electronic journey and thirsty for old tracks! Check him out, he rules.

Like every other song produced by the bass god Bassnectar, his newest release Immersive Music Mixtape - Side One is magic. Starting off with his new mix of Nina Simone’s anthem “Feeling Good,” this 30-minute song sends you through different galaxies filled with drops, bass and hard dancing. Lorin’s Immersive Tour starting off in September means you’ll want to get your hands on this beautiful mixtape before experiencing it live with hundreds of loving souls around you (a truly magical event.) Get the download for free at www.bassnectar.net and enjoy the ride. 

Before Electric Forest (still heart-brokenly missing it) I was familiar with Flosstradamus but had never really listened to (what I thought) “his” music. Seeing the Chicago duo killing it live in the Holy Land definitely gained them new fans. Their newest release brings you right back to being in the crowd with crazy lights in your face and love radiating all around you. Mixing Flux Pavilion’s Do Or Die, this already bomb song has become the anthem of hard drops. Introducing a trap vibe over the original rap by Childish Gambino, Flosstradamus add a higher element keeping you dropping it the entire 4 minute duration. If you need your fix of hard hip hop drops you definitely need to check out this song!

You know how some songs are just super uplifting? Brazilian producer Chris Pasqualotto has done it again, mixing the beautifully uplifting song “Alive” by Empire of the Sun with David Guetta. The mix of the purity and lightness of Luke Steele’s vocals with the harder drops by Guetta create the perfect party song to dance to. The song starts out peaceful and slow and builds into a crazy trip through outter space and back down again. The mix of these two songs together is more brilliant than both songs apart.. and thats hard to beat. Check it out and give your ears something to thank you for. 

Whatever kind of music your into, build ups are essential to any song. Alex M.O.R.P.H & Jerome Isma-Ae have mastered the art of build ups which are followed by you dropping it on a whole new level. Bang! starts off with a stellar house-y tempo and slowly brings up the background melody. I’m usually a dubstep fan but this house song gives me my build up fix and keeps me on my feet. Its one of those songs that you’ll hear after being out all night at 2AM and just slip into. I dare you to listen to this song and not dance along. 

I have found my new obsession and soon I PROMISE it will be yours too. The loved by all song Hit the Road Jack has transformed into the most perfect remix of all time. The up-and-coming Spanish producer Dave Hoffman has used the original vocals mixed with a Pretty Lights-esque sounding backtrack.This song takes a journey through the 1920s, passes by India and then gets dubby. The whole 8 minutes is filled with just continuously awesome transitions and it gets any music lover up and dancing. Every environment I’ve played this song in has given love and people of all ages asking what its called. Still not convinced? FREE DOWNLOAD! Don’t all thank me at once. ;)

All I should have to say is Krewella and Nicky Romero for you to hop on this song. If those superstar names aren’t enough though, this song will speak for itself. “Legacy,” a new collab first heard last weekend at Coachella,will be following you on all of your summer festys and all the parties leading up to. This song has Nicky’s upbeat buildups mixed with Krewella’s sick dubby drops and to top it all off the vocals are beautiful. An official release has yet to be available but the Coachella preview is enough to keep us wanting more until that day. You know anything by these two artists is guaranteed perfection so check it out! 


Hitting the charts at number 29 on Beatport after only two days of being released, Vago is a new hype anthem. Mixed by Italian producers Nari & Milani this song starts right off with a bomb build up. A kickass trap drop follows only to start the build up again. It may sound as though Vago is fucking with your dancer emotions but trust me, this song evens out with an awesome melody, sounding a lot like Avicii, and is definitely an instant crowd pleaser. There are perfect parts to clap along, awesome get down and dirty sections and most of all, be ready to jump. You may not of heard about this duo, but get ready because something tells me they won’t be leaving anytime soon. Press play and “don’t let the bass catch ya.”

In true Big G fashion, a new amazing beat was released yesterday after the duo reached 100,000 fans on their Facebook page. Remixing Can I Get A… by hiphop superstar Jay Z with their sexy, jazzy, dubby tracks they’re known for, this song just made my week and is one of the most brilliant summer songs they’ve done. The song is full of “fuck you” s and wooping sounds, perfect for dancing and getting the room all up and singing along. This song could only be heard live until now, can you say exciting?! You will definitely be hearing this one during festy season so get your free download now and get pumped for the best summer ever.